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Hitting the gym for the first time? These tips by our fitness expert will help you commit to a gym .


After having understood the basic and main requirement of a member, we will hold a one to one meeting to


Are you one of those who think the treadmill is an overrated cardio machine? That it's just a waste of time


Please monitor your progress and result only once a week, or once a month, else you would see no change in you.

Promoter's thoughts

This studio was opened in November 2014 with combined efforts and ideas of Mustafa Palanpurwala, Suneel Nair & Shelton Moreno, who have been associated with the fitness world for years.

Mustafa an accomplished businessman believes it's now time to give back to the society by educating people the importance of health and fitness. He promises there will be tireless efforts in creating health and fitness as a key to a confident self.

Valuable tips from the HEAD TRAINER

People are getting more and more stressed out as days go by.,There was a time, years gone by when people were happy go lucky, in other words they were less stressed. Their mind was more relaxed. May be you could say they took less risk in every aspect of life as compared now. The reason you may say could be people were more than content with whatever they were blessed with. They were never in a hurry. Cost of living was less and so was the quality of life.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision clearly is to create awareness in people to understand the importance of staying fit. It's also to create an environment and ambience where one gets to meet likeminded people by becoming friends from our platform.

Our mission is to become a role model in the industry of fitness, where we would like to be known as facilitators and promoter's fitness.

Zubin Dalal

Tri Fitness is the best studio, I have come across so far, and I say this with conviction

Prudence Collins

This is the first time I have enrolled as a member in a gym. I had suddenly realized I am not fit

Gillian Gilhooly

I am a school teacher. My life was getting so boring and un-interesting till I joined